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Setlist (Wednesday, April 30th)

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The Front Bottoms – “Au Revoir (Adios)” – Talon Of The Hawk

Manchester Orchestra – “Girl Harbor” – Cope

Say Anything – “Six Six Six” – Hebrews (Out June 10th!)

Drake Bell – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – Ready Steady Go!

The Menzingers – “The Talk” – Rented World

Taking Back Sunday – “Flicker, Fade” – Happiness Is

Alkaline Trio – “Continental” – Good Mourning

We Are The In Crowd – “Attention” – Weird Kids

Paramore – “Emergency” – All We Know Is Falling

The Strypes – “I Don’t Want To Know” – Snapshot

The Rolling Stones – “Start Me Up” – Tattoo You

Cults – “Never Saw The Point” – Cults

Boxed Wine – “Into The Nite” – Cheap, Fun

Smallpools – “Dreaming” – Have A Great Summer!

Motion City Soundtrack – “Stand Too Close” – My Dinosaur Life


Setlist (Wednesday, April 23rd)

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Jack White – “Lazaretto” – Lazaretto (Out June 10th!)

Manchester Orchestra – “Every Stone” – Cope

The Menzingers – “In Remission” – Rented World

The Strypes – “Perfect Storm” – Snapshot

The Black Keys – “Turn Blue” – Turn Blue (Out May 13th!)

The Men – “Sleepless” – Tomorrow’s Hits

Electric Light Orchestra – “Livin’ Thing” – A New World Record

Queen – “I Want To Break Free” – The Works

Kaiser Chiefs – “Ruffians On Parade” – Education, Education, Education & War

Eisley – “A Sight To Behold” – Combinations

Relations – “Set Up” – Songbirds

Two Door Cinema Club – “Sun” – Beacon

Bombay Bicycle Club – “Carry Me” – So Long, See You Tomorrow

Local Natives – “Sun Hands” – Gorilla Manor

Frank Turner – “Recovery” – Tape Deck Heart

“Snapshot” – The Strypes

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I typically only do album reviews for records that have come out in the past week or two, but this one was just too good to ignore. The Strypes are an Irish four-piece rock band (guitar, drums, bass, vocals), and I would have never heard of them if it hadn’t been for their feature in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone. At first, I wrote them off as another throw-away blues band, considering how terribly misleading Rolling Stone music reviews are. Luckily, my view on the band completely changed when I actually gave them a chance. Although the Strypes sound just like any other late ’60s throwback blues rock band, what really sets them apart from their counterparts is the fact that the band members are only between 16 and 18 years old! The raw talent of each member at such a young age is truly awe-inspiring.

Like I said, the band’s debut album, Snapshot, was released in North America back on March 18, and it sounds like a mix of the hard-rocking elements of Jet with the blues twang of the Rolling Stones (termed “speed blues”). Lead vocalist Ross Farrelly’s vocal delivery and harmonica solos, mixed with lead guitarist Josh McClorey’s blistering leads, bassist Pete O’Hanlon’s constantly walking basslines, and drummer Evan Walsh’s incredibly tight fills make this album sound astonishingly mature. In fact, if you just listened to this record without looking up a picture of the band, you would have no idea that they’re all under 20 years old.

The Strypes also threw on a few classic rhythm and blues covers (“You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover” and “Rollin’ And Tumblin'”), but with their own rock interpretations. No doubt that these are the types of songs the band draws on as primary influences. The only complaint to be made about Snapshot is that the band relies a bit too heavily on 12-bar blues. It is more than okay to write one song with this chord progression (especially considering it’s the most popular progression in music), but when you have five songs on your record that all sound the same, it gets a bit tiresome. Despite this, the Strypes have put out a masterful piece of work, and I am very excited to see what these Irishmen have in store as they mature in the coming years (literally).

-Joe MacPhee

Recommended Jams: Blue Collar Jane, What The People Don’t See, Perfect Storm

Setlist (Wednesday, April 16th)

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Manchester Orchestra – “Cope” – Cope

Emperors – “Be Ready When I Say Go” – Stay Frosty

Jimmy Eat World – “Your New Aesthetic” – Clarity

The Black Keys – “Turn Blue” – Turn Blue (Out May 13th!)

La Dispute – “Objects In Space” – Rooms Of The House

The Afghan Whigs – “It Kills” – Do To The Beast

Hot Water Music – “My Little Monkey Wrench” – The New What Next

Taking Back Sunday – “They Don’t Have Any Friends” – Happiness Is

The Menzingers – “Where Your Heartache Exists” – Rented World (Out April 22nd!)

Kaiser Chiefs – “My Life” – Education, Education, Education & War

Foster The People – “Best Friend” – Supermodel

Arctic Monkeys – “Do I Wanna Know?” – AM

Crime In Stereo – “Gravity/Grace” – The Troubled Stateside

Setlist (Wednesday, April 9th)

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Foster The People – “Are You What You Want To Be?” – Supermodel

Vampire Weekend – “Diane Young” – Modern Vampires Of The City

Tokyo Police Club – “Miserable” – Forcefield

The Jezabels – “Look Of Love” – The Brink

Metric – “Combat Baby” – Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

Manchester Orchestra – “April Fool” – Simple Math

Taking Back Sunday – “Flicker, Fade” – Happiness Is

La Dispute – “First Reactions After Falling Through The Ice” – Rooms Of The House

Hot Water Music – “Trusty Chords” – Caution

The Hold Steady – “Wait A While” – Teeth Dreams

The Black Keys – “Fever” – Turn Blue (Out May 13th!)

Hot Water Music – “The End Of The Line” – The New What Next

The Kaiser Chiefs – “Misery Company” – Education, Education, Education & War

Jack White – “High Ball Stepper” – Lazaretto (Out June 10th!)

“Education, Education, Education & War” – Kaiser Chiefs / “Cope” – Manchester Orchestra

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English indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs are back with their fifth studio album, titled Education, Education, Education & War. Many critics compare the repetitive album title to the repetitive nature of its tracks when compared to the band’s earlier work. Speaking as a casual fan who really likes the group’s older number one hit, “Ruby,” and not much else, I cannot quite speak from experience and say whether or not I agree with these critics. Nevertheless, I feel this album is something fresh and listenable, and the production has definitely been stepped up a notch or two.

As with most Kaiser Chiefs songs, these tunes give off a whiff of post-punk revival, much like The Fratellis or The Hives. The political, revolutionist undertones can be at bit much by the end of the album (see “The Factory Gates,” “Bows & Arrows,” “Cannons,” etc.), but the Chiefs throw in a lot of different sounds to at least try and break this up. “Misery Company” is a stomping good time (with two, count ’em, TWO guitar solos), while “Meanwhile Up In Heaven” is a big new wave throwback. “Cannons” is a six-minute song with only four minutes of actual song because of the spoken word prose poem at the end of the track. I’m sure the poem would be very interesting on its own, but it definitely feels out of place on this album.

Overall, Education, Education, Education & War succeeds as a straight rock album. Standard alt rock tracks like “Coming Home” (the first US single off the record) and “My Life” keep the album going amid some awkward political and poetic experiments. It’s good to hear that Kaiser Chiefs are still going strong after fourteen years or so, but don’t expect any sparks of originality with the new release.

-Joe MacPhee

Recommended Jams: Coming Home, Misery Company, My Life



I always thought Manchester Orchestra were one of those bands with a frontman donning a big ol’ mountain man beard. Then I looked up a picture of the band online and found out that I was right. Just thought I’d share that tidbit. Ok, moving on.

Manchester Orchestra return with studio album number four, Cope, as their album cover so artistically points out. Don’t let the boring artwork give you any false perceptions about the music itself though. There are some seriously heavy tracks here. The press release for the record really hit the nail on the head when it described the collection of songs as an “unrelenting and unapologetically heavy 38 minutes of rock.” Fans who were disappointed with some of the sparse, boring tracks off the group’s last album, Simple Math, will be more than satisfied with Cope.

Manchester Orchestra lay the sludge on thick on tracks like “Top Notch,” “The Mansion,” and ESPECIALLY on the album closer, title track “Cope.” Hell, it’s practically sludge metal. They never overdo it though; the crunch is always just as powerful as it needs to be. Despite the extensive grunge atmosphere of the record, some other sounds are mixed in to keep the album a little more varied. “Indentions” is actually more of a rock ballad with a subtle synth lead. The spot-on harmonies on this and other more toned down tracks on Cope are also tastefully done and mix in well. The fuzzy opening guitar lead on “Trees” is perhaps my personal favorite part of the album, especially when it then rips into an epic-sounding riff before frontman Andy Hull takes over: “I used to feel some guilt / Now I just feel empty.” Oof.

After an album of mostly throwaway tracks, it’s great to see Manchester Orchestra returning to what they do best on Cope: making incredibly heavy, yet incredibly enjoyable music.


Recommended Jams: The Mansion, Every Stone, Trees, Cope

Setlist (Wednesday, April 2nd)

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Foster The People – “Are You What You Want To Be?” – Supermodel

Young The Giant – “Crystallized” – Mind Over Matter

The Black Keys – “10 A.M. Automatic” – Rubber Factory

Jack White – “High Ball Stepper” – Lazaretto (Out June 10th!)

Bayside – “Big Cheese” – Cult

The Menzingers – “Where Your Heartache Exists” – Rented World (Out April 22nd!)

Taking Back Sunday – “Flicker, Fade” – Happiness Is

Broken Bells – “The High Road” – Broken Bells

Real Estate – “Had To Hear” – Atlas

Metric – “Grow Up And Blow Away” – Grow Up And Blow Away

The Kooks – “Ooh La” – Inside In, Inside Out

River City Extension – “Letter To Lainie” – The Unmistakable Man

The Static Jacks – “Wallflowers” – In Blue

The Black Keys – “Fever” – Turn Blue (Out May 13th!)