“Metropole” – The Lawrence Arms


The new Lawrence Arms release, Metropole, is a wonderful explosion of brooding punk rock with anthemic choruses and incredibly thought out lyrics akin to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album. The track “Seventeener (17th And 37th)” would be at home on the classic Larry Arms release, Apathy And Exhaustion, and serves to move the record to a less chaotic tempo and move things on to the next chapter of the record. The song details the woes of growing old and dying alone and features heartfelt lyrics such as: “Yesterday I found the black in my beard had turned to white and the pretty girls that used to smile at me just stared straight ahead.” Aging uncomfortably is a central theme to this record and is the subject of my favorite song on the album, “The YMCA Down The Street From The Clinic,” as well. The lyrics on this track discuss the foibles of a man who is drifting in the world in a seemingly aimless way and has the most Springsteen-esque lyrics on the record. The album ends with the gnarly track, “October Blood,” which serves as a perfect summation of the record with lyrics about death, love, and the snowy Chicago winters. This is a great winter record sure to get many spins from me.

-Matthew Koerner

Recommended Jams: The YMCA Down The Street From The Clinic, Seventeener (17th And 37th), October Blood


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