“Mind Over Matter” – Young The Giant


The big question I kept asking myself while listening to Young The Giant’s sophomoric release was, “didn’t I already hear this song?” Don’t get me wrong, Mind Over Matter has some catchy tunes, but when every song is stylistically the same, it does get old very fast. Especially when the album runs over 50 minutes long. My co-host described Young The Giant’s sound very accurately: they’re a rock band without actually being a rock band. Basically, their music has no edge to it. It’s just not raw enough for my tastes. “My Body,” the band’s big hit off their debut self-titled album – now that’s a rock song. Sadly, nothing off of Mind Over Matter comes close to this tune in terms of intensity. People who declared Young The Giant the next big one hit wonder after hearing “My Body” back in 2010 are probably patting themselves on the back right now. Having said that, if you are a fan of Young The Giant and really loved their first album, then there’s a good chance you will be pleased with their follow-up release.

-Joe MacPhee

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