My Year In Concerts (2013)

So a friend of mine did this a while back, and I thought I would do the same, as part of my end-of-the-year lists. It was a fun little reminder making this list, bringing back memories of all the awesome shows I’ve been to this year, and the friends I got to share some killer times with… So without further ado, here’s my year in concerts!



1) Tegan And Sara @ The Beacon Theater – February 20th w/ openers Diana

2) Muse @ The IZOD Center – April 19th w/ openers Dead Sara

3) Pouzzafest @ Downtown Montreal, Canada – May 17th, 18th, and 19th:

Featured Bands: Big D And The Kids Table, MU330, Crime In Stereo, Lemuria, Creepshow, The World Is A Beautiful Place…, Audio/Rocketry, and Transit

4) The Jersey Shore Music Festival @ First Energy Park in Lakewood NJ – July 20th:

Featured Bands: The Front Bottoms, River City Extension, and The Hush Sound

5) Alkaline Trio & New Found Glory @ Starland Ballroom – November 8th w/ openers H2O

6) Paramore @ Madison Square Garden – November 13th w/ openers Hellogoodbye & Metric

7) The Front Bottoms @ Bowery Ballroom – December 27th w/ openers The Bynars & HMFO (Hall and Motherfucking Oates, cover band)


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