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“Holla” – GDP And The Wrong Address

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GDP was the soundtrack to my senior year of high school. I listened to the Realistic Expectations LP and the Involvement EP nonstop with my friends during every car ride and party we’d have. When the Magic Bullet EP came out, I quickly added that to the rotation too, but his masterpiece was definitely 2011’s Useless Eaters. It was packed with the nastiest beats I had heard and incredibly poignant lyrics that ranged across a plethora of subjects such as love, the environment, drugs, death, growing up, and family. It was his watershed album for sure, reflecting much darker rhymes and more chaotic beats. His next few releases followed a similar style until now.

Holla conjures together a feeling mixed of 1930’s detective movies and isolation. Needless to say it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite releases this year. The music, which is produced entirely by The Wrong Address, is haunting and moody, encapsulating you in his world. The first song is an instrumental that sets a jazzy mood, taking you into this journey. This is the opening credits to the film, warping you to another time. The second track, “Catatonia,” lets you know that you are now in California, and things are much more harried than the last time he spoke to us. He’s involved in a relationship that’s being strained due to his being on tour constantly and falling victim to the excesses of the road. This theme builds throughout the entirety of Holla. The next song continues this film noir atmosphere. Gone is the abundant confidence found on his first few releases, replaced with confusion and longing. This album gets darker with each track. “Mascara” features Wicca Phase, who some may be familiar with as Adam from Tigers Jaw. He sings towards the end of the song. The track, “Friends That Fuck,” intensifies things further with an enhanced feeling of desperation. This is the album’s climax, let there be no mistake. It builds from a slow intro with sparse instrumentation before exploding with an assortment of noise. The jazzy feeling dominates the short “All Roads Lead You Here” before ending with the brooding “Placeholder.” Short and sweet, this EP is definitely a welcome chapter in GDP’s discography. When I heard he was releasing new music, this was not what I was expecting at all, and I am extremely happy with the surprise.

The lyrics are daring, and I really have to give accolades to The Wrong Address, who just exploded with this production. Everything about Holla feels seamless, and they deserve ample credit for that. This film noir hip-hop is highly unique and begs to be recognized and rewarded. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes jazz, hip-hop, punk, and detective movies.

-Matthew Koerner

Recommended Jams: Placeholder, Mascara, Friends That Fuck


Setlist (Saturday, July 13th)

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Portugal. The Man – “Modern Jesus” – Evil Friends

Lemuria – “Dream Eater” – The Distance Is So Big

Alkaline Trio – “Emma” – Good Mourning

Daft Punk – “Give Life Back To Music” – Random Access Memories

Boards Of Canada – “Nothing Is Real” – Tomorrow’s Harvest

The XX – “Unfold” – Coexist

The White Stripes – “We’re Going To Be Friends” – White Blood Cells

Camera Obscura – “Do It Again” – Desire Lines

Kate Nash – “Merry Happy” – Made Of Bricks

Dead To Me – “Visiting Day” – Cuban Ballerina

Pity Sex – “Wind – Up” – Feast Of Love

Emperors – “I’m Not Dead” – Stay Frosty

Foo Fighters – “These Days” – Wasting Light

Manchester Orchestra – “Where Have You Been?” – I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child

Setlist (Saturday, July 6th)

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Vampire Weekend – “Diane Young” – Modern Vampires Of The City

Daft Punk – “Instant Crush (Feat. Julian Casablancas)” – Random Access Memories

Portugal. The Man – “Modern Jesus” – Evil Friends

King Tuff – “Dancing On You” – Was Dead

She & Him – “Together” – Volume 3

Kate Nash – “Mouthwash” – Made Of Bricks

Emperors – “Be Ready When I Say Go” – Stay Frosty

The Front Bottoms – “Santa Monica” – Talon Of The Hawk

River City Extension – “Point Of Surrender” – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger

The Hush Sound – “Wine Red” – Like Vines

Pity Sex – “Honey Pot” – Feast Of Love

The National – “Don’t Swallow The Cap” – Trouble Will Find Me

The Mountain Goats – “In Memory Of Satan” – Transcendental Youth

Neutral Milk Hotel – “Holland, 1945” – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

The Replacements – “If Only You Were Lonely” – Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

The White Stripes – “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground” – White Blood Cells

The Black Keys – “Everlasting Light” – Brothers