“Heat Thing” – Shone


No other album in recent memory has had a more complex and in-depth viral marketing campaign than Heat Thing, debut album from the relatively unknown new band, Shone. With a mailing list that sends out  ink-splattered letters in typewritter font with coordinates to a buried flashdrive containing the first song on the album, it’s no wonder the absolutepunk.net thread about this very mysterious group has already reached 1,169 pages since December 21st of last year. The latest information on Shone points strongly to the fact that at the very least, Brian Lane of Brand New and Andrew Accardi of Robbers are involved with the project.

Fans who pre-ordered one of the three bundles on the band’s official site received a digital copy of Heat Thing today, February 5th. The album opens with “Piano Wire Number 12,” a very pleasant song about a psychopath who gets arrested over beating a girl for not loving him, and his plans for revenge while rotting in a county jail. The song reeks of Brand New, though the lead singer’s voice is radically different from Jesse Lacey’s. “Fischer King” runs for a total of twenty-three seconds and is essentially a collection of random noises and instruments (I also noticed some reversed voices, so I hopped on Audacity to flip the track and caught some additional and incredibly creepy dialogue, though I won’t ruin the surprise on here; try it out yourself!) “Defender 237” is another instrumental track that was featured on the band’s YouTube page prior to the release of the full album, and it’s got some tasty guitar riffs heavy on the wah, as well as a sweet saxophone solo. Also released as a single is “Baby Shakes,” which starts off with a surprisingly cheerful tone. Nevertheless, this is quickly ruined by lyrics about prostitution and a man who is essentially going crazy for some cheap love. “Slithering” kicks things up a notch towards the end of the album with a heavy, grungy riff, and “Bestial” ends the album with a heavy beat and just generally disturbing lyrics (“The poor bastard didn’t know what hit him, no! Do I dump him in the lake? Or dump him in the sewers?!”)

Most of the tracks on Heat Thing are similar, with slow drum beats and very dark undertones. So if you were instantly drawn in by the ominous viral marketing campaign for the album (as I was), and/or you listen heavily to Brand New, then you will be getting exactly what you expected, which is some depressing, fucked up, and genuinely catchy music.

-Joe MacPhee

Recommended Jams: Baby Shakes, Piano Wire Number 12, Bestial

(p.s. Shone will be playing a show in the city on Thursday, February 7th, so expect some serious posts and updates on the band members around that time.)


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