“¡Dos!” – Green Day


After just a little over a month and a half since their previous release, ¡Uno!, Green Day is back yet again for the second album in their new rapid-fire trilogy, ¡Dos! Coming just shy of 40 minutes in length, this album goes pretty hard and fast through 13 brand new tracks, ranging from Foxboro Hot Tubs-esque to what I like to call, “What on earth were they thinking?”-esque. This is definitely far from their best work, and perhaps only a handful of songs will catch your attention (in a good way).

The album opens with “See You Tonight,” which is a unique tune for Green Day. Lasting only one minute and consisting of a single guitar with Billie Joe’s vocals and Mike Dirnt’s harmonies, this track is a great way to open a potentially awesome album, in my opinion at least. The next noteworthy track is “Lazy Bones.” Tré Cool’s drums let you know right away this is a Green Day song, and the guitar riff is very reminiscent of “Give Me Novacaine” off of American Idiot (which is why “Lazy Bones” has already received the nickname “Give Me Novacaine, Part 2”). Nevertheless, it’s probably the best track off the album. “Stray Heart” is the big single off of ¡Dos!, and it’s much more on the upbeat side of things. Though it really doesn’t sound like Green Day, I could see it being a B-side off of Warning. The album closes with “Amy,” Billie Joe’s very heartfelt dedication to the late Amy Winehouse.

Besides these select songs though, every other track on ¡Dos! is either very standard or is just completely wrong. Songs like “Fuck Time” and “Makeout Party” come across as incredibly immature, even for Green Day. And I’m still dumbfounded as to how a song like “Nightlife” can now be considered part of Green Day’s discography… Clearly, Billie Joe decided to dump all of his best songs on ¡Uno!, and now he’s hoping fans will be willing to stick around for the next two albums. If ¡Dos! is any indication of the direction this trilogy is heading in, then everyone should buckle up for ¡Tré!

-Joe MacPhee

Recommended Jams: Lazy Bones, Stray Heart, Amy


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