“Please Remain Calm” – Hostage Calm


Punk rock band Hostage Calm’s most recent offering, Please Remain Calm, continues where their self-titled release left off. This band has a unique sound owing as much to The Beach Boys as they do The Ramones. All their tracks contain sugary sweet harmonies, yet the music is fiercely uptempo and the lyrics are more aggressive than the music suggests. Personally, I can’t get enough of this stuff. Track 4, “Woke Up Next To A Body,” is the first track on the album that truly stood out from the pack to me. The acoustic guitar and the lyrics about NASA snared my geeky heart. Also, the track sounded kinda like Jimmy Eat World with the harmonies in the chorus. I can state that the album only gets better from here on out. The surf-y elements of the record start to give way to 1950’s diner music with tracks such as “May Love Prevail” and especially “The M Word.” The latter track sounds particularly like a Four Seasons track, yet it is punctuated with some of the darkest lyrics on the album. “Patriot” is a nearly a cappella jam with only a tambourine accompanying the voices for the first half of the song before the other instruments kick in. Overall, this is a very fresh album that provides something different to listen to among the rest of the rock bands currently on the scene.

-Matthew Koerner

Recommended Jams: Woke Up Next To A Body, The M Word, One Last Salute


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