“Coexist” – The xx


Coexist, the new album from British rock band The xx, opens up beautifully, giving us tastes of their signature sound. The first song is “Angels,” and its subdued sound is surprisingly powerful for such minimalist arrangements. The sparse instrumentation merely accents the extreme emotion coursing through these musicians. Coexist masterfully crescendos into the second track, “Chained.” I just love the blend of their voices. This track highlights their knack for harmonies and paves the way for the rest of the album. The third track, “Fiction,” reminds me of Joy Division while track four, “Try,” sounds like Leonard Cohen singing for Tears For Fears. Don’t worry, it works. The xx won’t get you pumped up, and you surely can’t headbang to them. However, when listening to them, you will feel a tranquil peace washing over you. At times, you can even groove to them like on “Reunion” or “Sunset.” Mostly, The xx provide music for lying in a hammock with someone special, or at least their memory. This album is proof that good music ought not be rushed, coming out three years after their extremely stellar debut album. This record is sure to not disappoint fans gained from that effort, and it surely will help them gain new fans. In conclusion, if you like catchy minimalist dance music with Gothic overtones, check out this record!

-Matthew Koerner

Recommended Jams: Angels, Unfold, Swept Away


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