Humble Beginnings…

Hey all! DJ Joe here from Occupy The Airwaves, only on 90.3 The Core!

Well I’m sure by now you’re sick and tired of seeing all of our setlists pop up on your newsfeed. That is, if you’re a fan of us on Facebook (which you would have to be if you can read this post…). Anyway, this is just a quick little update to let all you guys know that Matt and I are exclusively switching over to WordPress for all of our music updates! Big news, I know. We’ll be linking plenty of stuff to our Facebook page, so be sure to keep your eyes out for weekly setlists, album reviews, artists/albums/songs of the year, and much more goodness.


p.s. Sorry if the page looks pretty boring so far, I’m just getting used to this whole blogging business… crazy shit…


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